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     Why have we developed this program?

Over the past years we've had hundreds of financial professionals ask if we offered a comprehensive, advanced college planning training program - a program that focused on "late stage" college funding planning (the time period when parents or grandparents have a child in high school, have run out of time to save, and now need to figure out how to best pay for college while making sure the child gets accepted into a school that is the right fit).

Fox College Funding Academy is an advanced college planning training plus continuing education program developed by Deborah Fox, founder of Fox College Funding, LLC.  As a financial advisor or tax professional, you may be aware that Deborah is known as a one of the nation's leading experts in college planning.  She has provided training to many financial professionals through the Financial Planning Association and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, among others and is a sought after speaker on the subject.

With this program you don't license, affiliate or brand under us.  You don't send us any client information.  This is a highly valuable training,  continuing education program and resource center at a very affordable cost.

Deborah wanted to develop a program specifically for financial advisors and tax professionals to assist you in becoming more competent in the college funding niche.  Why?  With this knowledge you may be able to help your clients pay tens of thousands of dollars less for college. Deborah also recognizes that it is virtually impossible to provide thorough college funding advice to clients without specific training in the niche. Just using any of the available college planning software products will both leave your clients short on advice, and you in a position where you won't be able to fully customize your recommendations to meet your clients' needs. Deborah's training and resources will enable you to build a deeper understanding of this planning topic so you can provide expert, personalized guidance to your clients.

This training and corresponding resource center will give you a one stop expert resource for one of the most important financial planning topics for families.  We will give you the information you need to advise your clients on how to pay less for college with detailed, current information.  This training will also position you to give better advice to your clients about retirement and tax planning (since you will know how your client can appropriately and effectively approach the college funding process to minimize costs).

We invite you to join Fox College Funding Academy so you can help your clients cut thousands off their college bills by learning advanced college planning strategies.  We want to teach you impactful planning strategies so you can prevent your clients from making many of the mistakes parents and grandparents make while planning for college.  And earn continuing education credits while you learn!

This program is available for financial professionals and not for the general public

For information on CE credits click  here  CE Credits 

So What is Fox College Funding Academy?

It's a combination of technical training and membership resource center. 
Read below for additional information about both.

The Training

There are 6 training modules titled as follows:

 Green Arrow Financial Aid Terminology & Components - Understanding how the financial aid system works, what factors effect financial aid eligibility and planning strategies most families are not aware of.
 Green Arrow Planning Ahead for Financial Aid - Strategies on how you can assist your clients in positioning themselves for the best possible financial aid award outcome.
 Green Arrow Planning for High Income/Net Worth Families - Unique combinations of planning strategies for middle and high income/net worth families (who don't qualify for need-based aid) that can significantly reduce their out-of-pocket college costs.
 Green Arrow Tax Planning Strategies - Tax reduction strategies that effectively creates new tax deductions to create additional cash flow to pay for college and enables parents to pay a portion of their college expenses on a pre-tax basis.
 Green Arrow Academic & Admissions Strategies - High school planning strategies for the student that results in the family paying less for college; how families should approach building the student's college list to position the student for the best chance of receiving scholarship money; specific steps the family needs take during the college admissions process.
 Green Arrow How to Market to Clients - How to incorporate the service into your practice; how to introduce your college planning services to your clients; how to conduct an initial meeting with your clients; the necessary steps to create a comprehensive college funding plan. 

How is the Training Delivered ? - The Training is delivered in 4 in-depth recorded training sessions available online in our resource center.  Each session is about 2 to 2 1/2 hours and can be viewed at your convenience.  Includes video of Deborah.
And, If you get really inspired by what you learn, you can leverage your new knowledge by, for instance, holding a client educational meeting on the topic, or begin charging an hourly or flat fee for advice in this specific area.   You could even add the college funding niche to your practice to attract new clients!  However you decide to apply all the education you will receive through Fox College Funding Academy, you can count on one thing, we’ll consistently provide you with information on college planning that most advisors don’t know.  Your clients will appreciate they are working with someone who has gone the extra mile for them and can assist them in navigating the very confusing college funding process.
Here is a small sample of what you will learn the answers to from our training:
The pro and cons of the various college savings/investment vehicles and which ones your clients should use based on their financial situation and how they are treated by the financial aid formulas.

The sixteen questions parents need to answer before they decide which college savings plan(s) would be best for them.

How can higher income parents use pre-tax dollars to pay for college?

How can students from families at all income levels significantly increase their chances of winning private scholarship money for college?

Under what circumstances can contributions from grandparents sabotage their grandchild’s financial aid package?

Which popular colleges leave parents short when awarding financial aid and why parents have no idea what the ramifications will be?

What action do parents need to take when the financial aid applications don’t tell their full financial story?

When does the above-the-line tuition and fees deduction become more valuable to parents than taking one of the education tax credits?

Planning ahead to file financial aid forms – what are the best ways for parents and children to hold assets to qualify for the most financial aid possible?

How should parents plan when they will qualify for need-based aid at private colleges but not at public ones?

What are the methodologies that can be used to legally discount assets to lower the family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?

What are two legal ways to move money out of a student’s custodial account?

Under which situations would you purposely disqualify a family from qualifying for need-based financial aid?

In cases of separation and divorce, what parent needs to fill out financial aid forms?  (You will learn many divorce planning strategies that can greatly benefit the family.)

Under what circumstances can a student qualify to be considered “independent” where parents don’t need to provide their information on the financial aid forms?

How can a student attending an out-of-state public school qualify for in-state resident tuition?

How can students position themselves during the college admissions process to increase the likelihood of being offered scholarships?

What are some of the biggest mistakes parents make when planning and paying for college and how can they avoid making them?


The Membership Resource Center

The resource center is a custom built web-based application that will be your personal portal to access the vast array of information and material relating to college planning.  It is a library of video, audio, tools and other materials to keep you up to date on the information you will need to be able to provide the most current, accurate advice to your clients.
Each year financial aid rules change, tax laws change and policies at individual colleges change. In addition, college funding advice changes as interest rates, the stock market performance and the availability of education loan, college savings plans and tax benefit programs change. The resource center will be the place you can go to receive updates and get your most pressing questions answered.
Membership in the resource center will provide you with access to:

Green Arrow  An easy to use, organized private resource center using the newest technology to easily access all information
Green Arrow  24/7 access to the resource center from the internet
Green Arrow  All recorded training sessions
Green Arrow  Webinars (both live & recorded), videos, audio, breaking news, updates and articles. A digital library of information that you can access no matter where you are with our custom built application
Green Arrow  New monthly live and recorded continuing education webinars as well as case studies
Green Arrow  A community where advisors, our staff and Deborah can interact.  You will be able to post comments, ask questions and receive answers by other advisors, our staff or Deborah.  All members will be able to interact and stay informed

This program is available for financial professionals and not for the general public


Choose the level that's best for you:

Questions?  Email or call us below.

For information on CE credits click here       CE Credits 
About Us

Deborah Fox has been providing financial planning services for over 25 years and is known as a leading national college funding expert.   She has been specializing in the “late stage” college funding niche for over twelve years.  Deborah founded Fox College Funding, LLC to help guide families through the complexities of college funding strategies and applying for college financial aid.  Her proprietary planning process works especially well for middle and high income families who will not likely qualify for financial aid but are interested in positioning their student in the best light and reducing their college funding expenses.

By combining her general financial planning experience with her expertise in "late stage" college funding planning, Deborah is able to teach pertinent strategies that help families at all income levels minimize the cost of college, while helping advisors to add a much needed specialty planning to their practices.  Deborah has been training and coaching advisors nationally in the college funding niche for 6 years.

Deborah has been interviewed and quoted by:

•    ABC World News                                 •    Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
•    The Wall Street Journal                       •    Money Magazine
•    Business Week                                    •    Accounting Today
•    Newsweek                                            •    Financial Advisor Magazine
•    Forbes                                                  •    Financial Planning Magazine
•    Fox News                                             •    The San Diego Union Tribune
•    Wealth Manager Magazine                  •    Investment News

Deborah was also recognized by the financial planning industry by being placed on the cover of Financial Planning magazine.

She was recently invited to be a guest panelist at the College Savings Foundation annual conference. The Foundation is a Washington, D.C.-based not-for-profit organization with the mission of helping American families achieve their education savings goals by working with public policy makers, media representatives and financial services industry executives in support of education savings programs.

Deborah is a sought-out industry speaker on the topic of Advanced College Planning. She is regularly invited to speak nationally and locally for organizations such as the Financial Planning Association (FPA), American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and Cambridge Advisors,  among others.


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This program is available for financial professionals and not for the general public

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